We are able to offer you a qualification with SSI, NAUI or PADI - we will explain the differences and let you decide!

Our instructors are all experienced divers and training instructors - should you feel more comfortable with a woman, a man, someone older or someone younger, we have an instructor who will fit the bill.

Across the three training institutions, the names and content of various courses may differ slightly, but they all offer courses in:

Snorkel Programme
Tied of swallowing sea water when you snorkel - our course will teach you the basics of snorkelling.

Scuba Tryout
For those who want to know if they will even be able to trust in breathing underwater, this is ideal for you.  In the shallow end of the pool, experience what it’s like to breathe off scuba gear underwater.

Discover Scuba
Here you will learn the basics of scuba diving which will enable you to dive in the ocean accompanied by an instructor.

Open Water Diver
The entry level course for scuba diving.

Advanced Diver
This improves on your entry level skills with instruction in diving a little deeper, basic navigation, bouyancy and much more!

Speciality Programmes
There is just so much to see and experience underwater and there are a number of training programmes to assist you in enhancing your skills and knowledge base, including courses on
Nitrox, Diving Deeper, Search and Recovery, Navigation, React Right/First Aid, Technical Diving, Side-mount Diving, Photography, Peak Performance Bouyancy, Wreck Diving, Cave Diving, Marine Ecology, Fish Identification, Shark Ecology, Sea turtle Ecology and many more.

Rescue Diver and Master Diver Courses
Improve your confidence and skills with these courses requiring more advanced knowledge and skills levels.

Dive Master
Earn the qualification to lead dives with the potential for a career in diving as a Dive Master or towards your instructor ticket.

Swim, Mermaid and lifeguard programmes
Ideal fun for the little ones wanting to have fun and learn to swim, up to teenagers looking to earn a spot on the on the beach as a lifeguard (additional training and experience needed for employment as a lifeguard).

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